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Wellfit Wellness Training

We provide online and onsite wellness activities to boost your mind and body. Full services:


a. Ergonomic consultancy: an end-to-end program that aims to enhance the musculoskeletal health, wellbeing in the workplace, and the office workplace environment to be free of discomfort, pain, or injury: hence reducing absenteeism and presenteeism (time spent not working) and improving productivity and morale.

b. Personal and Group Fitness Training: qualified and certified personal and group fitness training that can help you and your team reach your health and fitness goals, and avoid musculoskeletal injuries given our rehab, post-rehab, and preventive therapy backgrounds.

c. WellFit Virtual Club: the perfect 30-minute morning group workouts to boost your mind and body, delivered live and online by our qualified exercise coaches.

d. Spinal Screening: we provide a DHA certified chiropractic doctor who specializes in neuromusculoskeletal disorders and is qualified to diagnose and treat individuals who already suffer from neck, back, and work-related pain and stiffness. Our chiropractic doctor will provide a spinal screening and assessment along with a brief treatment session dedicated to alleviating.

e. Executive Massage: an on-site efficient and stress-relieving 15-minute chair massage for the neck and back which can reduce tension on the muscles and joints and freshen the individual up to maintain a productive workday.

f. Other Customized Programs: We also provide team bonding activities (outdoor activities, social activities, and team building challenges), counselling, coaching, healthy meal planning and delivery, etc…

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Day Booster Workout

This workout is designed to get you in the right mood to conquer your workday. With the proper and careful selection of music and exercise sequence, our day booster workout will warm up your joints and muscles with light intensity exercises before gradually increasing the intensity to elevate your heart rate. It also wakes your whole body and mind up and energizes you for a highly productive and satisfying day without leaving you drained and energy-depleted.

Light Wellness Workout

This workout is tailored to get your joints moving freely and your muscles strong for your daily challenges. The light-wellness workout is a sweat-free workout that doesn’t need any equipment, and it channels your energy towards a productive workday. This workout is especially efficient for people with little to no exercise history who spend most of their day inactive and want to engage in light-intensity activities.

Yoga Sessions

This session is for those who want to exercise the body and the mind in a stress-free, relaxing environment. Practicing yoga is proven to improve flexibility, balance, and muscle endurance and strength needed for performing daily tasks, and it can also alleviate musculoskeletal pain and discomfort.

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