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Ergonomic Consultancy

We provide advisory ergonomic solutions for organizations and individuals that aim to enhance the musculoskeletal health, wellbeing in the workplace, and the office workplace environment to be free of discomfort, pain, or injury: hence the increase of productivity. Our ergonomic advisory solutions are aligned with ISO standards and GRI standards for corporate sustainability.

Scope components
  • Workstation Design (desks, chairs, space, layout)
  • Workstation Organization (desk organization)
  • Work Posture (sitting, standing, reaching)
  • Work Organization (pace, break, variety)
  • Tools, Equipment, and Furniture Design
  • Work Environment (lighting, temperature, vision, noise, and ventilation)
  • Manual Material Handling (lifting, lowering, pulling, pushing, carrying, and holding materials)

We fulfill our scope through

The following activities


We conduct a self-reported assessment to be completed by your team and an on-site assessment by the WellFit team to detect the ergonomic hazards present in your workplace, and provide recommendations for improvement.


We customize an intervention plan based on the results of the assessment designed to meet your organization’s needs and your budget. Our intervention includes:

Group workshop: providing evidence-based awareness and training on how to apply the science of ergonomics in your work and daily practices. This workshop can be delivered on-site or online.

On-site intervention: providing guidance on how to apply the principles of ergonomics and the workshop deliverables in the workplace and acting as an on-field catalyst and a facilitator for change into a more ergonomically fit workplace environment.

Post-intervention evaluation

We revisit your workplace to evaluate, gather feedback from your team, and provide recommendations and further intervention to fine-tune areas that still need improvement as required.

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