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In USA’s private sector, more than half of the employers offer wellness initiatives, with larger companies having more complex and diversified programs.
However, less than half of the employees are engaged with the wellness initiatives, specifically those who aren’t physically active. One activity that suffers from low engagement rates is health risk assessment which is designed to help in identifying employees in need of intervention.

A common reason for such low engagement rates is that employees at risk of developing health conditions are usually aware of their status. It’s futile to invest in an assessment that tells an overweight person that they’re overweight.

Most people at risk of cardiovascular, metabolic, and musculoskeletal disorders do not need an assessment to show them the obvious. They need an intervention plan customized to their needs and limitations.

One solution we created to address this issue is our WellFit Virtual Club which offers online morning workouts specifically catered for those who don’t have the time to exercise during the day and who have limited to no exercise history. Our Light Wellness Workout consists of light to moderate intensity exercises that are sweat-free, and can improve the health and wellbeing for participants as well as their productivity levels throughout the day.

Wellness programs are a waste of investment if they do not address the elements of disengagement and sustainability. But when they do, they can yield ROIs of more than 3$ per 1$ spent.

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