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Sitting straight is probably one of the most common advice you may hear related to your musculoskeletal health in the workplace. Many physicians and physical therapists also propagate this notion based on the theory that if you sit upright, the gravitational forces acting on your spine will be properly distributed across your spine and your connective tissues will be in their optimal position (Fig. 1).

19006026 – kyphotic spine in 3 phases

The theory behind sitting straight and having an upright posture at work makes perfect sense, so how can you improve your posture for at least the majority of your day?

You don’t.

Does your posture need “fixing”?

While the theory behind sitting straight is biologically plausible, the reality and evidence around it say otherwise. Numerous studies have been conducted on the correlation between posture and pain, and the overall results show that your spine posture isn’t a significant determinant of pain and injury.

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