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Buying a chair that can cater to your capacities and provide you with a comfortable and relaxing work, gaming, or studying experience is not easy nor particularly affordable given that ergonomic labels significantly increase furniture and office tools’ prices. However, this article will provide you with the proper guidance on how to choose an affordable ergonomic chair that can tick all the right boxes. Spoiler alert, you won’t have to spend a fortune on such a chair.

What constitutes an ergonomic chair?

Let’s start first with the basics: what makes a chair ergonomic?
In simple terms, an ergonomic chair is one that can be fully adjusted. In other terms, what constitutes an ergonomic chair has more to do with its adjustability rather than the quality of the materials used in it (as long as the materials are up to standards). For this reason, you will find high-quality leather chairs at hiked prices, but that does not mean that they are ergonomic or that they can protect you from chronic musculoskeletal pain.

What are the characteristics of ergonomic chairs?

Ergonomic chairs vary greatly in terms of characteristics. Basic ergonomic chairs are very affordable (120-150$ or 450-550AED). In case you are thinking that this price is far from affordable, if you compare it to the price of having musculoskeletal pain and having to undergo medical diagnosis and physiotherapy treatment along with pain medications, work absenteeism, reduced productivity, and higher chances of a recurring injury, it becomes an investment rather than a liability. We’re not saying that if you don’t buy an ergonomic chair you will definitely get injured, but the chances of having musculoskeletal complaints are much higher when sitting on plastic chairs, bar stools, and other types of non-adjustable and uncomfortable chairs.
On the other end of the spectrum, more advanced branded ergonomic chairs can reach a price of 1500$ or 5500 AED. (Spoiler alert: you will never need to buy such an expensive chair unless you like the luxury of having one)

To make things easier, we created a table for you with all the characteristics of an ergonomic chair, and what to expect in basic and advanced chairs compared to non-ergonomic chairs. The chairs displayed as images are to be used as visual context and not as direct reference to the characteristics mentioned below.

relaxing chair

The above table can be used as a reference as to what to expect from a basic ergonomic chair. As you can see, there aren’t many differences between basic ergonomic chairs and advanced ones, and comparing the marginal gap in their prices, we always push for purchasing basic chairs, or basic chairs with few added features up to your liking.

We already purchased and tested a basic ergonomic chair that has the added feature of three-dimensional armrests. We recommend this chair if you have a limited budget as it covers all the basic requirements needed. Its only downside is that the seat is a bit wide, which is great if you like to fold your legs while sitting, but slightly annoying if you like to keep your hands rested on the armrests the entire time.

If you like a higher-end experience with a slightly higher price tag, we recommend you get the AX Performance Ergonomic Executive Chair. This chair offers a built-in lumbar support, high quality design, and a narrower seat pan width which combined with the two-dimensional armrests, offer excellent upper body support. The absence of a headrest is not much of a downside since headrests aren’t as efficient and comfortable as they appear to be.

However, if you like to stand out and go the extra mile, one of the most featured advanced ergonomic chairs is the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Note that a significant reason as to why the Herman Miller chairs are much more expensive is that they are shipped already being assembled, which increases the cost of shipping.

Overall, the difference between basic and advanced ergonomic chairs has more to do with the quality of the materials, the sustainability of some designs and chairs over others, and the user experience in terms of comfort and relaxation. The features and characteristics of such chairs are similar as seen in the table above.

Gaming chairs are not ergonomic chairs!

By all means, stay away from gaming chairs if you are seeking comfort, practicality, and a good-quality ergonomic chair. Whether it is for studying, working, or gaming, gaming chairs aren’t ergonomic and won’t cater to your needs and capacities. For more information on that subject, we wrote an entire article about it here.


To sum it up, ergonomic chairs are an asset, not a liability. Every home office or workstation should include an ergonomic chair, especially given the affordability of the basic ones. Take proactive care of your health because it costs so much less than taking reactive care and living through the consequences of pain and discomfort.
It is equally important to mention that an ergonomic chair alone is not a full-on ergonomic solution. An ergonomic workspace consists of several other scopes, such as work habits, work environment, workstation organization, tools and equipment, and more. If you wish to take your workstation to the next level, book your free consultation from the website. We are one click away of helping you work well!

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